Jack Rabbits Kitchen Coffee Derby and Ashbourne

Jack Rabbits Coffee Derby and Ashbourne

We think we have the best coffee in Derby and Ashbourne at Jack Rabbits Kitchen. We love our Coffee Roaster at Outpost in Nottingham. As a specialty coffee roaster, you can expect a real focus on quality and traceable specialty coffee. With their very own coffeeshop in Notingham, Outpost have a space dedicated to showcasing the special coffees they curate and a coffee cafe where they can share what they do and importantly how its done!

All Outpost coffees have been sourced from exceptional growers, who produce stand out arabica coffees and deserve real praise and better pay for their efforts. It is part of Outposts mission to help support and maintain sustainable global supply chains that allow the growers we work with to earn a consistent and good price for their crop.  Once all the hard work is done at origin and the coffee finds its way to Nottingham, Outpost give it the care and attention it deserves, roasting each batch carefully by hand in order to showcase it’s true profile.

The Timber Town Espresso Blend

Jack Rabbits use an espresso blend, Timber Town V2 brings a satisfying traditional style espresso to your cup. Chocolatey, jammy, butterscotch goodness, it’s beautiful as an espresso and great with milk.


Fazenda Cruz, Mogiana, Brazil

  • Yellow Bourbon
  • Pulped Natural

Mamsera Amcos Co-operative, Tanzania

  • Bourbon
  • Washed

Cauvery Peak Estate, Servarayan Hills, India

  • SL9
  • Washed

Once our coffee has been roasted and delivered fresh to us in-store, it is the role of our skilled baristas to keep the excellent quality during the brewing process.

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