Brunch at Jack Rabbits Ashbourne & Derby

September 2017

Jack Rabbits Brunch

A meal eaten when you wake up too late to have breakfast, but do not want to go until lunch without having eaten. Instead you have a single meal called brunch.

It is commonly eaten at the weekend.

At Jack Rabbits we still grapple with Brunch’s exact definition. Thats why your will find our Brunch Menu on all day everyday!

Enjoy hand roasted coffee with brunch favourites such as Eggs Benedict | Eggs Royal | Waffles | Folded 3 Egg Omelettes | Granola | Free Range eggs |

Derby Brunch Time

Derby Brunch Time can be spent in the Cathedral Quarter looking out the the beautiful Derby Cathedral. On the Jack Rabbits menu everything is made fresh to order. We pride ourselves on baking our own bread, cakes and biscuits. Our team of skilled chefs work hard to deliver delicious baked goodness every day.

Ashbourne Brunch Time

Ashbourne Brunch Time can be spent at the Greenman based Jack Rabbits, either outside on our covered terrace or inside in a brightly lit and beautifully decorated relaxed surroundings.

We look forward to seeing you for Brunch at any time of the day!