Blog Review: Bloggers Review & Mini Q&A

May 2016

A Review from Lisa King Consulting

Jack Rabbits is a firm favourite of mine. It helps that it is located near my husbands office and I meet him there almost weekly for lunch; but the food is delicious, the coffee is sublime and the customer service is amazing.

Jack Rabbits has recently been acquired by a small group of local food and coffee lovers. Not only have they taken on the Derby site but they have also launched a brand new venue in Ashbourne.

I recently visited the new Ashbourne site and was really impressed with everything about it. The building itself is modern with rustic touches and provides a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Both sites offer the same delectable menu and high standards.

My personal thoughts are that the Ashbourne site was much needed in the town. It offers a great place to go for lunch or breakfast during your visit to the area. In fact, I would even say that it is a destination venue within itself and a place that you would visit the town for on its own.

There is a lot more to come from Jack Rabbits, with talk of more new venues arriving within the next couple of years; and if that isn’t enough, there are plans for evening events within the Derby location too. The Derby venue is also available for private hire and can provide outside catering.

So what is it that entices me back to Jack Rabbits so often, and makes them so successful? There are a few things combined that create the overall winning elements that I look for; Ingredients for their food is sourced as locally as possible. This means optimum freshness and low food miles, as well as supporting other small businesses in the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire areas. Their customer service is excellent and they really go the extra mile to make you feel welcome. Design and decor are also another important point for me. I like to enjoy the surroundings I am in and appreciate that time and effort has been taken to make somewhere look appealing as well as comfortable. Good design from a business in terms of their menus and logo help to strengthen my expectations of a brand and also support and reassure the experience I have just had.

If you haven’t been to Jack Rabbits yet, I recommend a visit, especially to the fabulous new site in Ashbourne!

I spoke to one of the owners Myles about the business and asked him a few questions:

What interested you in taking on Jack Rabbits?

We saw a great customer-facing brand that people already knew in and about Derby and thought it was something that we could develop and move forwards. Also the location in Derby Cathedral Quarter opposite the beautiful Derby Cathedral with wonderful large glass windows was too good an opportunity to miss.

Why did you open the Ashbourne site?

We had been testing a pop up café in Ashbourne the previous year and collecting feedback and information about the viability of Ashbourne as a location.  The people of Ashbourne told us that that was room for another slightly different and more contemporary café with great coffee and good quality food. In addition we were told that Ashbourne was crying out for more evening choices.

Is your back ground in the food and hospitality industry?

I have only been in food  & hospitality industry for 3 years but have always been in service industries. The rest of the team though has more experience in food and hospitality. Jennie Smith-May – Director of Food Development has spent her whole career as a trained chef  and her own outside catering and food consultancy business.

What would your top piece of advice for other businesses be?

Do your research & be committed.

Sourcing ingredients locally is very important to the business, why is this?

It is not just about local ingredients but quality ingredients. For us we look for ingredients that have a story, that have passionate owners that know their product and where it comes from inside out.


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